Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut is an illustrator, designer and typographer known for his geometrically precise yet fluid, sensual forms. His work is sought after for its ability to elevate a simple word or symbol into a piece of inspiring conceptual art. There is a dynamic exchange that occurs between his designs and the viewer, as they engage in a conversation based upon visual metaphor, puns and references that require a cultural viewfinder.

Beginning as a freelance designer, Trochut established his
Barcelona-based design studio in 2007. Now dividing his time between Brooklyn and Barcelona, his client list includes Coca-Cola, Nike, Pepsi, Adidas, Puma, the Rolling Stones, The New York Times and Absolut.
As a speaker, he has traveled worldwide to lecture on various art and design topics. Trochut’s works
have appeared in countless publications, and his art has been exhibited globally, including a past collaboration with the ceramics studio, Apparatu.

In 2011, Trochut published his monograph, “More is More,”
reflecting his work philosophy that results in his constantly
evolving body of illustrations and designs. Showcasing his
commercial and personal projects, as well as a statement
on his perspective and influences, “More is More” was met with critical acclaim
by the art and design community.